Most of us know the song "If I had a million dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies. I'll attach it here so you can listen and have it stuck in your head as I do right now. You're welcome. Well, what if you had a billion dollars? Or two billion dollars? Or how about $6.8 billion dollars and counting? That my friends is how much Mr. Dennis Washington is worth. $6.8 BILLION DOLLARS. He is the wealthiest man in Montana.

Who Is Dennis Washington? Born in Washington and eventually making Missoula home, Washington is married to Phyliss and has two sons. Kyle, one of his sons is co-chairman of Seaspan Marine Corporation, which his dad Dennis owns. The other son, Kevin, is the President and CEO of the YMCA. Growing up, Washington was just like a lot of America, blue-collar with parents who split at an early age.

Photo by Angello Pro on Unsplash

What are some things he bought with his billions of dollars? Yachts. Washington loves to restore old boats and has a Yacht he calls, "Attessa IV", a Boeing Business Jet, and of course a private estate in British Columbia. Oh and did I mention, Grizzly Stadium is named after him, "Washington-Grizzly Stadium".

This guy has a few different companies under his "Washington Corporation", including "Aviation Partners Inc." that company made those little triangle things you see on the wing of a plane...they are actually called a "performance-enhancing winglet system".

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

I started thinking about what I would buy with over 6 billion dollars. The first thing that came to mind where PUPPIES, a VW Beetle AND Bus, and then I would travel all over and write some sort of blogs I hope someone reads, even if it is just my mom.

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