Anticipation is rising for the annual Brawl of the Wild football game, in which the UM Griz and the MSU Bobcats will go head-to-head on November 20th and battle for ultimate supremacy at Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

But that's not the only Cats-Griz rivalry that's taking place in November - the annual Can the Cats Food Drive is set to kick off on November 6th and lead up all the way to Brawl of the Wild to see which community can raise the most money for their respective local food banks.

And now, you can add another Cats-Griz competition to this ever-growing list.

It's Time For the American Red Cross Cats-Griz Blood Battle

First off, we have to acknowledge that all of these competitions have incredible names, and I think Blood Battle is my favorite one. I can picture Viking warriors pitted against each other in combat, screaming "BLOOD BATTLE!" at the top of their lungs. It rules.

Of course, we're actually dealing with blood here - the American Red Cross is holding five blood drives in Missoula between November 5th and the 17th. They'll also be holding blood drives in Bozeman during the same time period. And if Missoulians come out and donate more blood, we win!

The Missoulian has more on the story, but there's been a blood shortage nationwide for some time now, and if people really make an effort to come out for a competition like this, it can really make a difference for hospitals and even save some lives.

Plus, you know, the Griz will get bragging rights. They should create a Triple Crown for all three of these competitions - think we'll have what it takes to win them all?

To set up an appointment, head to the Red Cross's website and enter the code GRIZCATCHALLENGE - while supplies last, you'll get a free t-shirt to go along with the donation.

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