Sure, there are places you can buy donuts in Billings like Log Cabin Bakery and Albertsons but there hasn't been a dedicated donut shop in the Magic City since Krispy Kreme on King Ave closed their doors in 2008 and I can't figure out why? I've never lived anywhere in my 50 years that didn't have a donut shop.

Could it be because residents of Billings are extremely health-conscious? Judging by the average physique around here the answer is... nope. Could it be because we don't have a sweet tooth and prefer steak for dessert? Maybe but if that was the case Softie's would go out of business and that's obviously not happening. Do we have more diabetics than the average city? Hardly. That leads me to my top 5 theories:

#5. They don't go well with beer
#4. Nobody has enough dough to buy them (budumpbump)
#3. Billings has fewer police than the average city.
#2. PTSD brought on by receiving too many Hertz Donuts.
#1. Because they have to hang with other people who eat donuts.

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