Albertsons Hiring “On the Spot” in Montana
I spoke with one Albertsons store manager in Billings who said he can confirm that they are indeed hiring "on the spot." The store manager couldn't speak for other locations across Montana, but confirmed that all of the Billings stores are looking to fill several positions.
Grocery Store Stabbing
A Billings woman who was stabbed at a downtown grocery store Monday morning was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The 74-year-old male suspect was arrested at the scene. BPD spokesman Sgt. Harley Cagle described the man as a local transient...
Billings area Albertsons stores have been remodeling and the store at 511 Central Avenue will hold the grand reopening this morning at 11 a.m. The have remodeled the deli, produce area, meat department, and bakery. In addition, they've also expanded their beer cooler...
Albertsons Says Thanks
Chris White from Albertsons makes getting groceries for Flakesgiving happen. He gets a lot of help from the following; Briggs Distributing picks up all of those banana boxes that the meals go into. And they also haul the turkeys down to Metra Franz Bakery not only donates 1500 packages of rolls to us each year, but also sends a team down to help us on the day we hand out boxes every year... Read M