As I've been trying to exercise more in 2019, I notice that it is about the only thing that makes me crave water. I mean, if you're panting, sweating and your heart is pounding, water is perfect. The problem is that it's pretty rare that I'm in that state. The state I'm in now, staring at a screen and typing on a keyboard, seems to be much more normal.

Every fitness conscious person, fitness guru or doctor I have discussed this with tells me to drink more water. The truth is, I don't drink much of anything unless I'm using it to wash down food. So, I decided I would make 2019 the year I stay hydrated and I'm finding it more difficult than an exercise commitment.

I'm considering purchasing one of these fancy water bottles that actually tracks your intake as there have been some other water dodgers who have said this worked for them.  I'm not sure if it's the technology that helps, or if it's the investment of 60 bucks on a water bottle that makes you pay more attention.  If you have any tips or products to share, leave a comment.

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