There had been a recent discussion on providing wi-fi to North Park. A couple of obvious questions come to mind when thinking about a proposal like that.

First, who would pay for it and why should people have to foot the bill for that?

Number two, what kind of people want to go to the park for a nice enjoyable day outside to get some exercise or fresh air and need to be connected to the internet?

Number three, knowing the kind of homeless problem and crime that is in that area why would we even think about something like that when many children use that park? And I think you all know what I'm talking about...

The Library is only a five-minute walk from the park anyway and there is public wi-fi available there.

It seems that lately many of our parks are becoming havens for a lot of riff-raff ongoings. Just a week or so ago a loaded .45 pistol with one in the chamber was found by a three-year-old at South Park.

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If you use the bike trails in the heights you can see some of the encampments nearby. If anything the parks need to discourage wi-fi use and concentrate on what they are really intended for, a day out with the family for a picnic or some frisbee or exercise and not checking e-mail or other things.

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Besides, people have their phones now which enable them to do everything anyway without wi-fi.

I would always say NO to wi-fi in the park and stick to the symphony...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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