There hasn't been a fee increase for Yellowstone National Park fishing permits since 2012, and boating permit fees haven't changed since 1993, according to the National Park Service (NPS).

For 2021, most of the boating and fishing permit fees will be doubling in price from last year, according to the new fee schedule announced by the NPS.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

The new fees are effective immediately, the NPS says, and shows a 3-day fishing permit for Yellowstone will jump from $18 in 2020, up to $40 this year. 7-day permits will be $55, and season passes are $75. Last year, you could get a fishing permit for the entire 2020 season in Yellowstone for only $40, the same as a 3-day permit will cost in 2021.

For boating in Yellowstone, a 7-day non-motorized permit will increase from $5 to $20, and a 7-day motorized permit jumps from $10 to $40. Motorized boating season passes in Yellowstone will be $60, up from just $20 in 2020.

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The increases in boating and fishing permits for Yellowstone National Park will "guarantee funding and provide a sustained revenue source that will contribute to continued efforts to reduce nonnative lake trout and increase the park’s aquatic invasive species (AIS) inspection capacity," according to the NPS press release.

We continue to make substantial progress in our native fish restoration efforts in Yellowstone Lake and many other areas of the park. Efforts to restore native fish in Yellowstone Lake remain one of our highest conservation priorities. Our continued success will be largely dependent on a permanent and reliable revenue stream that will not only help us continue our native fish restoration efforts, but also increase our capacity to detect and prevent new nonnative species from entering Yellowstone's waters. -Superintendent Cam Sholly

Credit: Johnny VIncent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny VIncent, Townsquare Media

Anglers can purchase a fishing permit for Yellowstone National Park online by clicking HERE. In-park stores and surrounding communities will also have fishing permits, according to the press release.

To read the entire press release from NPS regarding fee increases for fishing and boating permits in Yellowstone, CLICK HERE.

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