I went out to get a steak at one of my favorite steak houses today.  I spotted a parking spot that looked empty at first, but turns out it was occupied by this little four wheeler.  Now, this thing has seen some action.  This ain't some fancy piece of machinery that you secretly don't want to scratch up.  This thing has lived hard.

I don't know who was driving it, but here's what I imagine his day was like.  He figured he couldn't let such a nice Saturday go by without doing some fishing.  He throws his gear on this beat up beast and heads out to a convenience store to grab the fishing necessities: live bait and a six pack.  He spends a couple hours on the Yellowstone, but doesn't pull in anything worth keeping, so he swings in to the steak house to grab something decent to eat and some beer that's colder than the ones he's packing with him.

I could be off, but probably not by much.  Either way, this guy may have had a better Saturday than I did.

By the way, can you guess which steak house this beauty was parked in front of?

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