It had to happen.  And really quickly.  It's the tacky merchandise coming from the death of Osama Bin Laden Sunday night.

I attempted to search EBay for a number of these items, but they apparently were taken down long before I started looking.

Here are some samples of what you can find.  WARNING: These can be very tacky. is always a good source of tacky material. Here are a few items from them:

Then, lets check the headlines of a few major newspapers. Toby Keith said yesterday we had not seen the world media this united.

Then there are the Facebook like posts which will be made into t-shirts if you want at Road Kill T-Shirts. The photos are theirs.

Finally, there was this man selling his shirts on a Washington D.C. street corner this morning.

I didn't get the chance to look at material from Great Britain. Chances are all the tacky merchandise people are still busy cranking out Royal Wedding stuff. I'm sure we'll see more material soon.