Vitamin Water announced a contest in which they will choose someone who is willing to give up their smart phone for one year in exchange for $100,000.  I would LOVE to do this, however I'm betting that they're looking for someone a little younger - even if they don't state that in their official rules.  I'm 43 and spent the first two decades of my life with no kind of portable phone, so it wouldn't be nearly as big of a lifestyle change as it would be for someone in their early 20's.

One thing to note is that you still get to have a cell phone, just not a smart phone.  No tweeting, no apps, no facebook, etc.  Just a phone capable of phone calls circa 1996.  If you think you have what it takes to ditch the tech for 100k, get the info on entering here.

The other catch is that it isn't just smart phones.  You'll be stripped of your tablets too.  No Ipads or the like for one full year.  How will they know if you've cheated?  You'll get a lie detector test which you must pass.  And if you only make it for six months before you break down and start Snapchatting, you'll only get $10,000.  Not too bad, but a far cry from the big money.

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