Montana is one tough state and you better be on the stronger side if you want live here. We have tough people, a tough climate and a strong will to make things happen even when chances are slim for survival.

If you are an outsider thinking of moving here, take it from me, you better be prepared or you'll go running.

Consider this a Treasure State welcome party.

Here are three things necessary to survive in this beautiful state;

  • A good solid work ethic

Although the economy isn't bad, jobs can be tough to find in rural areas. If you want to hold onto that position, you better be on top of your game. Proving yourself is one thing but continually proving yourself is another. Keep a level head and stay strong.

  • Have a true love of this state

One thing I love about Montana is the pride of this state that is found here. In fact I believe the pride in this state can rival that of Texas. If you're not on board, you best steer clear. We band together, brother to brother.

  • Have a good attitude and sense of humor

Montanans are pretty friendly folk. A nice smile, please and thank you and holding open a door for someone is good practice here. But don't think you are going to move here and try to change the way of life for the locals to better suit you. They don't take too kindly on that. This is the greatest place on earth and we want to keep it that way.

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