Everyone makes mistakes. We're human, we're supposed to mess up. Apologize and move on.The fact remains that there are a lot of things that we do that we can't help so the apology really isn't necessary. If people get mad at you for them, that is their problem.

Here are 3 circumstances that do not require an apology.

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    Saying No

    Sometimes we just can't do what is being asked of us. Plain and simple. No need to feel bad about it. That's just the way the ball rolls and we all have to except that.

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    Going To Bed

    It can be tempting to go out for the evening or stay up to watch just one more show but if you're tired, you're tired and there's nothing wrong with that. We all have to recharge and if you need to go to bed then go to bed.

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    Taking A Vacation

    Some of us are too stressed to take our vacation days but we really need to. We earned them and they are there for a reason. Our happiness levels increase and taking some mental space when you're burned out can decrease stress.