It was a short week this week for us but we'll still wrap it up with Farmer Finishers.

Had a great weekend being able to reunite with the kids for a couple of days. It's not the same without them and they have their own lives now but it's still the most meaningful time for me.

However, I made my mind up that I could never be a snowbird in Phoenix. That place is crazy.

Speaking of crazy the total rainfall at the ranch has been just about 8 inches of moisture over the last two weeks. Truly blessed for that. Keep in mind that it was snowing at the Beartooth pass this morning so it may be a little chilly this weekend.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media


I would also like to wish all the fathers out there the best on Father's Day. They always say behind every good man is a good dad. I admit I do have some bad qualities but I know that all the good ones I have I owe to my dad. Like many of yours, a dying breed.

We could really use many of them again to get this mess in our world all straightened out again. I think many of them are glad they are gone but I'm sure feel awful about what their kids are going through. I know I think about it every day, but that's what good dads are supposed to do. That, and taking a nap over the weekend they are really good at that too.

Have a great weekend and will see ya for a full week Monday at 5 a.m.


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