I've been sheltering in place, walking down memory lane. I lived in Missoula for four years and one of my jobs there was at KYSS-FM, "# in a row KYSS country." This had to be taken in 1984. I was 21 and also had jobs making pizzas, driving a school bus and playing dances on weekends. Even with all those jobs, I didn't make $10,000.00 that year.

At KYSS all of our music was on the old Drake-Chenault reel to reels. We had the old school AP teletype that we got our news from. The Pepsi machine offered five flavors and cost 10 cents each.

I played dances at towns 150 miles in any direction. So, if you attended any weddings in Plains, MT in 1984 or 85, I was your music guy.

I'd bring a "board"  with me, which was the main unit that everything plugged into. It had a couple of big public address speakers, reel to reel tape player, turntable, cd player, records, cds, tapes, and the cords. I'd stuff it all into my 1975 "Mega Vega." I know. It WAS impressive.

I've quit all those other jobs and just have one now.

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