As we approach Cat Country's 34th anniversary, I'm reminiscing about all of the neat things that we've been able to be part of.

I can't remember if it was 1989 or 1990 when we started the school lunch visits. But we put on a lot of miles visiting school cafeterias in our listening area and did so for seven years.

Back before the internet and smartphones, if the kids wanted to know what their school was serving for lunch that day they would have to tune in to us at 6:40 a.m. when we read all of the menus.


One day Paul and I got to discussing the quality of the food that we remember from our school days. So we decided to hit the road and do some "kitchen inspections".

Dick and Peggy at Western Awards provided us with plaques to give to each school should they pass our inspections.

We went all over the place. We ate lunches in Melstone, Gardiner, Rapalelje, Joliet, and every place in between.

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We got into a great game of field hockey one year when we went to the Luther School. We were at a one-room school outside of Red Lodge shooting baskets with the kids one year and were surprised when a giant B-2 bomber came wooshing over our heads while doing a low-level run through the valley.

We got police escorts from the city limits to the school a couple of times.

Our Cat Country van was even stolen once while were inspecting the kitchen up in Gardiner! That was a long day. But back then, they had a translater there so they listened to us.

Fast forward to today: One of the kids who was at Joliet school back when we did our lunchroom visits is now a mom of three and my neighbor. She sent me this picture this

Old Joliet yearbook of the Flakes lunchroom visits
Credit: Cotti Bushfield

Shout out to Cotti Bushfield. You are awesome.

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