It took just over a week for the downtown Billings Association to remove 4 custom painted fiberglass horse statues from downtown after security cameras revealed drunks and other rabble rousers attempting to mount the stationary steeds.

DUH! Are people really surprised that if you put something like say, a piano, a statue or anything that an inebriated party goer would find hilarious to take selfies with? (that includes the occasional dozing hobo)

The horse statues are beautifully painted and the artists obviously spent hours applying their craft for a great cause. The Angel Horses program cares for at risk youth, veterans and the elderly. To that end, the next time a meeting is held in preparation for displaying sculptures, perhaps someone should raise their hand and say: "You know the last time we put stuff downtown..."

It's not sad. Or the sign of the times. Or even vandalism as far as I'm concerned. When I was in college, carousing and chasing girls, I TOTALLY would have done something stupid like clumsily attempt to climb aboard that totally awesome horse on the sidewalk!

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