This poor young woman, with a vocabulary of 30 words, and the mind-set of a toddler, was dropped off at a bar and abandoned.

The mother told police that she couldn't take care of her, so she tricked her into going to the bathroom in a bar and left her on her own. Apparantly, she has another disabled child, and chose that child over this one.

I wonder where her support system was or is? I simply don't believe a woman with 2 disabled children has no one to turn to. You know they probably both draw disability from the government. That puts them on the radar, and makes them eligible for other assistance. I refuse to believe she was left with no other choice than to drop her daughter off at a bar in Tennessee, and leave her there. She says she chose Tennessee because it has great health care. I don't think she gave it that much thought. I think she thought, She's 19 and legally no longer my responsiblity, so I can get away with this. She was absolutely right. There will be no charges, and the young lady becomes a ward of the state. It's just apalling, yet, I understand why the police can't do anything.

There needs to be a law to protect the mentally challenged. She is not a something you decide you don't want anymore and simply throw it away. Thank god she didn't kill her. However, you know this young lady has feelings and emotions. She just can't express them the same way we do. She knows something went down. She probably misses her momma. Someone needs to protect her and those like her.

This woman needs to lose all of her children, and fast, before something happens to them!  Or am I being harsh and unrealistic?  You tell me.

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