There are a lot of states in this country that are known for some sort of food.

Being raised in Idaho and then branching out all of the country, it was rare to go anywhere and not have someone say they enjoy our potatoes.

When I lived in Tennessee it was all about the BBQ. Trust me when I say it was darn good stuff. Oh, how I miss Corky's.

But what about Montana? We have some really good restaurants especially around Billings that I really like. It's nice working in downtown because I am within walking distance of some of my favorites.

According to Thrillist, Montana is most known for alcohol. Believe me when I say I like a nice drink every now and then. Being known for alcohol though doesn't really constitute a food to me.

In defense of that though, we do have some nice breweries and Thrillist points that out HERE.

In fact, as we reported, Billings is a great city for beer lovers.

I guess we'll have to grin and accept this one. After all, it isn't so bad.