"Baby Loves Cat" is the title of this video and, well, that pretty much means the internet must pay attention.

The title isn't misleading. This baby truly does seem to love meeting the cat. We're not really sure why, but then again, it's a baby we're dealing with here. Babies just love some things and not other things. Like reality TV shows. We don't know any babies who have ever liked any of the Real Housewives shows. Do you? If so, that's weird. Do you have a short video of your baby watching one of those? Which one? Is it New Jersey? We bet it's New Jersey.

Well, that was a bit of tangent, wasn't it? Anyway, while this baby certainly does love that kitty, we're pretty sure -- and the multiple walkovers are proof -- that the cat doesn't care. That's just what cats do, after all.

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