Why is everything so negative about the government shutdown?

Every news story we see and read is negative.

Why aren’t we spotlighting the positive on this? How come all of the major news networks aren't covering the good stuff that is happening here? Where are all the enviromentalists and why aren’t they  celebrating the positive effects this shutdown will have on our National parks?

You have to figure with the shutdown of the National Parks across the country there is an upside. Think about it. Suddenly there is no more emissions from cars, which can cause damage to the trees,the animals and even the natural rock formations. There will no people in the park trampling over the protected grasses and shrubs and disturbing the animals in their natural habitat.

Can you imagine the animals talking to each other…”hey Fred, does it seem like there are less cars running through the park today?”

We just don’t get it. Everything is so negative about this shutdown.  Gloom, despair and “woe is me” is all we are hearing and reading. We’ve got to see the bright side on this.