They spent three months planning their dream wedding. They planned it carefully; it was to be at a very special place, Yellowstone National Park's Artist's Point. Sounds awesome right? It was every girls dream! And Kory Hammerbeck and Megan Wenk were ready to tie the knot.

Nothing was going to stop the happy couple on their special day, but then our government got in the way.  When the government shut down last week, all the national parks were closed to visitors. Which in turn left Wenk and her husband-to-be, Kory Hammerbeck, scrambling to find a new location for this Sunday's ceremony.

To add insult to injury, her dad is one of Yellowstone Parks’ top officials! But even his high rank doesn’t matter.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk said he and his daughter are scouting new wedding locations. They know it won’t be the same, but they have 65 guests who are coming in for the big day. And the father of the bride says the wedding will still go on!

I guess the best the happy couple can hope for now is a honeymoon to Yellowstone when things get rolling back in Washington. Maybe we’ll see you in the spring?

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