There's a chance that none of what you read here today is even true. But, I have heard from several credible sources that I trust that we are expecting 1,000 - 2,000 protesters in our town this weekend.

Great. Welcome to the Magic City. The weather is going to be great for protesting. Peaceful protesting.

Paul & I have the pulse of this community and this state. We hear from a lot of citizens every day and not everything that we hear gets put on the air.

We Montanans have been watching the protests that have turned violent. We've seen the arson, the looting, and the assaults on law enforcement. We don't want that here. Not in our town.

I know that you don't have any idea about our silly little 189th Redneck Battalion. But they're all watching and hoping that everyone behaves themselves. This weekend.

If your group is really an organization, then you should have a spokesperson. Someone who can hold a press conference and talk about what you hope to achieve. What your goals are, both this weekend and long term.

From what I've seen in other cities, many of you dress alike, but if you were organized, you'd have uniforms. You know, like our law enforcement agencies do.

Then, we could pick you out in a crowd and point you to the best restaurants and attractions.

For some of you, this just might be the first leg of your family vacation. Then next week you could hit Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park.

So, again, welcome to Big Sky Country but everybody is watching you.

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