For all you Trump haters out there, careful what you wish for. Do you really think Trump would sit in a briefing room and watch an attack on an American embassy and tell our military to stand down?

Look, he wants to secure our border; most Americans do.

He wants to send back all the criminal pukes and losers from Mexico who are draining our resources and make the pathway to citizenship easier for those who are productive; most Americans agree.

He wants to lower taxes, including the corporate tax which has sent millions of jobs overseas and bring them back. He'll renegotiate trade deals with China so we quit getting screwed.

He will give power back to our generals so we can achieve victory over terrorists and make our castrated military strong again.

He'll toughen the vetting process for Muslims coming to America to protect us from another deadly attack on our soil, which most Americans favor.

And probably the most important thing, he will break the corrupt power structure in D.C. that has bankrupted and ruined the country.

Is he a bit brash, yes. But he may be the only hope we have left, and that's why his message is resonating with so many Americans.

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