Doing up a good BBQ is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Some nice tasty ribs, steak, burgers or dogs...nothing really compares to the taste and environment that this summer activity can bring.

I got a call Saturday afternoon from my buddy who lives in the West End and he was pretty ticked off.

He got a new dog about a month ago and he has been trying to train him for various things. Some of that training went to the wayside on Saturday.

I was told that he was grilling up some steaks for his family and everyone else was inside. He thought he would take a minute to go see how his wife was doing on the potato salad. He said he thought he heard something so he went out to investigate when he discovered the inevitable.

His dog had tipped over the grill and his steaks were all over the ground...except for one...

He found his dog in the corner of the yard going to town on his steak. Yes, the dog is still alive but my friend is not happy with him.

Tell me about your BBQ troubles at 406-248-5665.

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