Did you hear with the Breakfast Flakes this week talking about "brushes with fame"?  Some of our listeners shared some great stories...

  • 'David Allen Coe played Great Falls a few years back.  His bus was delayed.  I'd gone to the concert, was hanging around when I spied this rather large presence of a man making his way through the crowd.  I'd observed him stopping and kissing women.  He got to me, reached out to pull me in, and he was wearing these mirror style sunglasses (it was getting dark out).  I whipped the glasses off his face and said "No one gets to kiss me if I don't get to see his eyes."  A bigger guy than this guy reached out calmly and took the glasses out of my hands and gave them back to Hank Williams, Jr.  Yessir.  I snapped the shades offa Bocephus. He also didn't get kissed."
  • "I cleaned Donny Osmond's cowboy hat, and saw Pavarotti in his underwear! The glamorous life of a costumer...."
  • "I've danced with Tanya Tucker at a bar in Billings. Went swimming with the cast of A River Runs Through It. Almost run over by Ted Turners red ferrari. Had the most disgusting time eating dinner with Michael Keaton."
  • "Saw Jay Leno on a plane in Oregon, Got Hewey Lewis' autograph in West Yellowstone, Jane Pauley on a plane in New York."
  • "Me and my friend Candice jammed at the grand piano in the lobby of the Northern Hotel, down town Billings, MT, until 4:30 in the morning with Mark Wills and his entire band...what a blast and an honor!"

Tell us about your celebrity encounter in the comments section!

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