I think that a lot of folks know that the Big Sky State Games are held in Billings every year, and some even know that THIS is the weekend. What you may not have known is that this event brings some 10,000 people to our town. And that is going to mean long lines at restaurants. (Especially on the west end) traffic issues and people will be everywhere. So be advised that if you don't care for that, this might not be the weekend to go out to dinner.

The opening ceremonies are Friday night at Daylis Stadium. The gates open at 5:30, with the actual ceremony at 7. Admission is 5 bucks. They will have an event called "Soaked" which is a very wet fun run/walk. This is followed by the parade of athletes participating in all of the various events.

I walked in this a few years ago when i was participated in racquetball. (I didn't medal due in large part to a huge guy who could hit 47 kill shots every game) But it was still a neat experience.

And if you get the chance, it really is neat to see.

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