Last night when I got home from the station, I walked into my house and saw my kids and their friends working on the computer.

They were playing some game that I had never heard of before and as I looked in, I couldn't help but be impressed with their skills.

I have to use computers for work obviously and would like to consider myself to be fairly savvy when it comes to running these necessary evils. From programming Cat Country to keeping my show moving, I think I do fairly well for a guy who didn't even really know what a computer was or what it could do for a good portion of my life.

I find myself struggling at times though. When that happens, I have to ask my kids for help. How sad is that?

Kids these days were born with this growing technology so it's like their left hand to them. It seems to just come natural to them. I barley even have to begin telling them what is wrong with my computer before they know what the problem is and pretty much have it fixed. It's crazy how they have so much brain power with these electronics. In fact in some cases they get bored with it.

My first computer had the Oregon Trail game on it (not in color)...and it was awesome!

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