Hot Rod Thompson, Townsquare Media Billings[/caption]Early this morning, 3:31 a.m., I wake up with the thought of being thirsty. I get up, walk towards the kitchen to get myself a glass of water and that's when it happened.

The pain, oh, the pain.

I screamed, waking the whole house. "What is wrong?" asked my wife feverishly. "What is wrong?" I told her that I had excruciating pain going through my foot sending fear throughout my entire body. I stumbled to turn on a light, knocking a lamp over while the baby began to cry. My kids huddled in the hallway fearing what it could be.

That's when the light came on. My wife had reached the switch before I did. I looked down to see where my pain had come from and was shocked to learn the truth.

A Lego.

Yep, I had stepped on a Lego. Such an unnecessary position to be in, especially if my kids would have picked up their toys like I had asked them to do earlier that evening.

Needless to say, it took a long time to get everyone back to bed considering the excitement that had just been delivered to our house.

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