This morning, the Flakes discussed a new report from the United States Census Bureau that estimates the population of Billings grew nearly 2 percent from 2010 to 2013.  According to their report, there are now 109,059 people living within the Billings city limits, with nearly 2,000 new residents since 2010.

As Mark pointed out, those numbers don't sound like much, until you're waiting behind those people in line.

Out of the 718 cities they surveyed, Billings ranks in the 86th percentile for population growth.  Other Montana towns have also seen significant population growth, especially Bozeman which has added 2,600 new residents in the past few years.

Of course, the oil and natural gas boom has aided in the growth of several small towns.  For example, 39 new citizens have moved to Wibaux.  And Sydney's population has grown nearly 20 percent.

Billings continues to grown at nearly double the rate the entire state has.  The report estimates roughly 10,000 people have move to Montana since 2010.

The Flakes are thankful for a couple of things in this report.  The growth of Billings continues to help local business thrive.  But we haven't grown too much.  Which is the just the way we like it.

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