My family and I a true lovers of music of all shapes and sizes. Our main and most in-depth genre is country, of course.

Each one of us has our own life song. Something that reflects our personality and who were are. It has nothing to do with our favorite song. It's simply our life song. Now keep in mind, just to keep it fair, this song can change if one better comes along that is more fitting.

For example, when my son Rodney was born, the first song that played on the radio when we put him in the car to go home was Rascal Flatts "Life Is A Highway." This seemed fitting at the time and trust me when I say, it still holds true today 10 years later.

Mine is John Anderson "Black Sheep."

My wife's is Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Fishin' In The Dark."

What is your life song?

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