Michael Foth-TSM / Pinterest
Michael Foth-TSM / Pinterest

I don't do a lot of crafting. By "not a lot", I mean none. However, I'm pretty skilled when it comes to cardboard. After all, I've built a handful of cardboard houses. Yeah, I'll tell you about that in some other blog. But lets get back to crafting, shall we?

So, my kindergartner turns 6 next week and my wifey is having the party this weekend.  The theme is Shopkins. They're an extremely popular little girls toy.  If you are unfamiliar with Shopkins just know that they cause pain like Legos on the floor.  When you buy Shopkins they usually come in blind-bags... they are supposedly collectible and part of the fun is seeing what you're going to get.

Wifey decided we (me) needed to make a larger-than-life blind bag box that she found on Pinterest somewhere for the party. Damn you Pinterest. And that's how I spent my Thursday evening.  8 beers and 12 glue sticks later, it turned out ok.  I felt like I was assembling a fireworks mortar. Which would have been WAAAAY cooler than a homemade Shopkins Pinterest blind bag box. Ha!

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