Remember AIG, the company that was too big to fail in 2008, that the Federal Government had to bail out to the tune of $182.5 Billion with a B dollars? The same company that decided to use $165 Million of that money to pay executive bonuses to the same people that ran the company into the ground and wouldn't even have had jobs had the government not bailed them out. To their credit AIG paid the government back with interest totalling about $20 Billion. So it turns out that AIG was so thankful we the people save their huge butts that now they're thinking of suing us and by us I mean the federal government. That's gratitude. They met today to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit because they think the terms of the bailout were unfair to their investors. Really?!?!?! More unfair than letting them all go broke if the government did nothing? Unbelievable! Stay tuned to see what happens next.