Paul mentioned Staley's Tire warehouse while we were talking this morning. We got to see all the tires in there years ago and it got me thinking about some of the places I've been in that most Billings residents haven't.

Petro Theatre has held the Yellowstone County Spelling Bee close to 20 times that Paul and I have been the emcees there. I wonder if most people in Billings have ever been in there. Most folks probably haven't gotten past the front desk at our three TV stations, while I have.

I wonder if most of Billings residents have been to the hotel that our radio stations reside in.

I haven't been to Winco yet. I also have never set foot inside most of the casinos in town as I'm not a gambler. Cross off most health clubs because I've retired from racquetball.

I have also been in zero tobacco shops. The last pack of cigs I bought was back in the 70's when my dad gave me money and I ran in and bought him cigarettes (try THAT today).

And I haven't been in the Tippy Cow since it was the Golden Phoenix, but plan to. I'm seeing lines of customers waiting. And I've heard that the food is excellent.

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