One of the highlights for me doing my show is receiving calls for you the Cat Pack. It makes my job and the show a lot more fun. There has been those times though that I get that mysterious call from a butt dial. I've heard some pretty interesting things as a result from a butt dial. This sometimes can be more fun than a regular call depending on what the butt is doing.

If you butt dial me, the worst possible thing that you can face is the possibility of your call going on the air and being made fun of. Just be thankful that I am not the police.

Police in Maine say a teenager's butt dial to 911 led to three arrests for vandalism that included damage to a fleet of school buses. Police say the teenager who accidentally called police had 911 on speed dial.

Two 18-year-olds along with a younger boy were charged with criminal mischief. Police say damage to the buses is about $1,500.

Have you every butt dialed anyone and got yourself in trouble? Have you ever received a butt dial call that was a little out of the ordinary? Tell me all about it.

Give me a holla because I always love a caller, even if it is a butt dial. 406-248-5665.

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