I don't run into a ton of Bears fans in Billings, but they're out there and many are unhappy with Bears kicker, Cody Parkey, after he missed a 43 yard field goal against the Eagles.

It's not unusual for armchair athletes to mock the guys on the field, but in this case a Chicago Brewery is asking people to prove they could do better.  Goose Island Brewery is building a field goal in front of their offices and giving people a chance to kick a field goal from 43 yards.  If you make it, you get a case of beer for a year.  There are some stipulations (e.g. you need to pick up your case every week, so not a good play for out-of-towners), but I'm hoping we get some great YouTube montages of failed attempts and at least one person who actually buts it right between the uprights.

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