I have been driving for decades and I've gotten a few speeding tickets and been in an accident (minor) or two, but I have never hit a deer before. Well, that is, until a few days ago. What is the proper etiquette when you collide with a deer? Would you call it proper etiquette or protocol? What ever you call it, I have no idea of what I was supposed to do. I was driving home the other night, it was around 6pm and I was coming from my brother's house out near Shepherd.

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I saw roughly 10 deer on the road several yards ahead of me, so I had already slowed down, when out of no where, literally the deer appeared in front of me, almost like magic. I swear the deer jumped over part of the front of my car. I did the one thing we're told not to do in this situation, I hit my brakes. In my defense, I wasn't going very fast, so it didn't take much to come to an almost compete stop. At first, I just sat there and thought what the hell just happened and then thanked God that I wasn't hurt. I put my blinkers on and got out of the car to assess the situation. The impact with the deer didn't cause as much damage as it could have, even though it did break out the front headlight on the passenger side and cracked the bumper. It was kind of emotional for me, I'd never hit anything like that before. So, back to my original question? What is the proper protocol for something like this?


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