Almost to the weekend and your drive home party is right here on Cat Country 102.9!

I'm all set to give you Carrie Underwood tickets before you can buy them, Chris Young tickets for November 20th and Monster Truck tickets for Saturday. Ya never know what else I may be able to find to throw into the mix as well.

Plus, have you ever text the wrong message to the wrong person? Was it embarrassing? Tell me all about it at 406-248-5665.


  • What it is Quiz at 2:15
  • Border Town Word Of The Day w/ Paco at 4:15
  • Prowlin' OR Growlin' at 5:00

I'm also asking that you stop what you're doing at 7 p.m., get on your knees and say a prayer for Joey of country duo Joey and Rory. She is losing her battle with cancer and the end seems very near. Please open your heart and pray for this fine woman.