Cats.  It seems like most people either love them or hate them. I don't necessarily hate them (we have two). But lets just say I won't be shed any tears when it's time to put them down. They're old, and I keep thinking, "any day know".  That's been like two years and they're still kicking strong. Talk about 9 lives.  More like 19. Our male cat, Sniffies, loves to spray furniture. His favorite is usually the entertainment center.  He also loves ripping window screens, usually right after I replace them.

Pet cats are one thing. If you love your kitty, that's awesome and I understand. Feral cats are another issue altogether.  And apparently my town of Laurel is having an issue with a feral cat problem on Forrest Ave.  Exact numbers of cats seem to vary from what I've read on the Laurel Facebook page, but neighbors have complained about odor, dead cats, cats getting into neighbors sheds, eating food, and of course... breeding more and more and more cats.  City code says 2 adult cats per household.  There are WAY more than that on this property.  None of them being properly cared for.

Laurel Police Department and the Laurel Animal Welfare League are now working on trapping them and re-homing the ones that aren't too sick.  I'm not exactly sure how you trap cats or what they use for bait, but if you've ever dealt with a wild, cornered cat you can image it gets pretty exciting.

Please spay and neuter your pets. Thanks!

- Michael

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