The hard part about having a larger family is finding something that every can agree on at dinner time. It seems even harder to have them come running to the dinner table and begging for more.

One thing about my family is we love food and dinner time is a time to get together, enjoy each other's company and talk about our day. It can be really difficult to get us all together though with the simple fact that we all have a hard time agreeing on one thing, "What's for dinner?"

Recently, my wife decided to try something new with our 5 kids and it has worked like a charm. One night she thought she'd try a build your own nacho bar. We all like nachos in our house but with this, the kids feel more grown up because they get to choose and make their own food. This has turned into more than a nacho bar. We also have the potato bar, taco bar and even a pizza bar among other things.

It has beat out the whole let me fix your plate for you and surprisingly, the mess has been a lot less than I thought it would be. The kids actually feel empowered to an extent which has boosted their self esteem.

I can tell you the conversation has been much nicer since the kids feel more involved. We're now trying this with more options.

How do you get your family around the table in a happy way?

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