• I never thought I'd see a lockdown like this in my lifetime. And the question I'm hearing the most is "When does it end"? Great question. Sadly, I have no idea. Nobody does.
  • When I was in school, I knew when the last day would be on the FIRST day of school. I have a rough idea of when I will retire. I can tell you that the first day of winter this year is December 21. I can't even hazard a guess as to when we will be free to open our country back up for day-to-day operations. But, because I'm a good citizen, I will continue my social distancing.
  • If you follow your favorite singers on Facebook, maybe you're getting an acoustic performance each day, just like I am from Sheryl Crow.
  • Other fragments from my week include getting mom on Marco Polo so we can record messages for each other.
  • It's been great seeing how much support our local businesses are getting during this time.
  • I notice that all of my old friends have been calling and checking in on me.
  • My friend Wyatt took my advice on which pistol to buy.
  • As hard as ammunition is to find right now, will you ever run low again after this?
  • Country music lost Joe Diffie last week. The Flakes Trip group lost Kristi Pish. Miss her a lot.

And finally, a plea for help. Johnny Vincent apparently isn't allowed to play outside and doesn't have enough money to buy tanning lotion. Maybe you could look through your supplies and see if you could spare some. Nice legs, buddy!

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