He was the president of the American Bar Association's (ABA) chapter in Nevada. Now, he is tearing up his ABA membership card. This, following the shameful attack by the ABA on former Montana Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke, President Trump's nominee for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bloomberg Law has this:

Alan Lefebvre, a past president of the Nevada Bar Association, said his reaction to the letter was to “cut up my ABA bar card into 30 pieces” after nearly 40 years of membership.

“It would be impossible for a reviewer to challenge such a qualified nominee’s abilities unless he was yoked with an ideologue’s agenda,” Lefebvre said in an emailed statement.


Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is also calling out the ABA. Here's what he had to say via Twitter:



The ABA has long been considered as a Left-leaning lobby. Is this the last straw? George Mason University Law Professor Adam White has this for the Wall Street Journal:

For years, the ABA’s assessment of judicial nominees has tracked clear ideological lines. In 2012 a Political Research Quarterly study of all ABA formal ratings from 1977 to 2008 found statistical support for “the proposition that the ABA ratings reflect a bias in favor of Democratic nominees.”

The ABA’s political biases hurt not only good judicial nominations, but also the ABA itself. In 2016 the association’s executive director warned that “our number of dues-paying members has gone down every year for the last 10 years.”

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