"Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, let's go racing, boys!"

That was the phrase that Darrell Waltrip, former stock car driver and broadcaster from Kentucky, would use at the start of every Nascar race that he announced in his 19-year career.

I remember my dad, having been born in Alabama, always used "boogity" as part of his regular vocabulary. Along with billfold, passing gear, and superhighway.

But I was curious about where the iconic catchphrase came from. So I Googled it and I'm glad that I did because this is gonna KILL the farmer!

Waltrip had retired from being a driver and was excited about being in the booth. But he thought that the start of all of these races was a little underwhelming, according to The Charlotte Observer. It was just someone casually saying "there's the green flag", and the race started.

Waltrip said that as a driver, the last few seconds leading up to the green flag dropping were the most nerve-racking part of the race. He thought folks watching on television should feel that excitement as well.

So he asked his boss if he could do something a little more upbeat and memorable. And his boss told him to come up with something.

So he's sitting in his motor coach with some music going, Ray Stevens' "The Streak" came on country radio. Ray was one of Darrell's best friends and golf buddies (I know how that goes). When he heard the lines "Here he comes....boogity, boogity...there he goes..."

And Darrell thought "That's it!" He just needed to add one more boogity, and his phrase that he'll always be known by was born.

I'm really looking forward to reading this to my partner tomorrow morning.

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