The new video for Darryl Worley‘s latest single ‘You Still Got It’ tells the story of an adorable elderly couple. Of course they weren’t always pushing 80, and the clip shows the two growing up and growing old together. In a new behind the scenes video premiering exclusively at Taste of Country, Worley talks about how the vision came together. 

“You still see these guys walking through the mall, they’re like 75-years-old and they’re still holding hands and every now and then you’ll see grandpa give granny a smack on the butt,” Worley says in the video below. A series of different cameras and effects are used to age the footage. The singer admits the treatment is slightly left of the song’s story, but it was too clever for him to resist.

“Making the video was a lot of fun because the storyline moves through a few different stages of a couple’s relationship, so the wardrobe and sets really brought back a lot of memories,” he tells Taste of Country. “So far we are getting a lot of positive response on the video and song!”

The song is the first single from Worley’s upcoming ‘One Time Around’ album.”(It) has a cool Muscle Shoals’ swampy vibe to it that makes a great groove and the ladies love it!” the singer says. It’s clear Worley is having as much fun with this new song as he’s ever had. The finished video is available here.

Watch Darryl Worley’s ‘You Still Got It’ Behind the Scenes Video

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