Hit songwriters Jim Collins and Bobby Pinson are the two minds Andy Gibson‘s ‘Wanna Make You Love Me’ lyrics. And great minds definitely produce great work — the singer’s debut single quickly became a Top 30 tune. While the song was penned close to eight years ago and was held by several artists wanting to cut it, it was Gibson who took a chance on the love ballad and made it what it has become today.

“Jim and I had only written one other song before this one,” Pinson tells Taste of Country. “It was a really good one that went on my second album. Jim and I are two different kinds of songwriters, but we have a real good hybrid thing together. I had the title in my little book of hooks. There were two titles that I had: ‘You Make Me Wanna Make You Love Me’ and ‘You Were Everything I Never Knew I Always Wanted.’ Both of them had the same little dance. I brought it up, and he said he liked it.”

You make me wanna buy a rose / You make me wanna shine my shoes / Baby you make me wanna dance / Better than I do / You make me wanna be a man / Who makes you laugh and makes you proud / Wanna be everything you need / You make me wanna make you love me,” they wrote in the song’s chorus.

“I  don’t really dance … guys don’t dance, but they will dance if the girl is right,” Pinson says, smiling. “I had this line once where the guy says, ‘I’m not much of a dancer,’ and she says, ‘Well it ain’t much of a song,’ point being: we’re still going to dance. I was kind of writing that out into our story, just trying to paint that picture that you do things you normally wouldn’t want to do just to be doing something with the person you are falling in love with. I think that’s all of us. I think this song has really rung true to a lot of folks.”

Girl I’m not poetry / I’m not the finest wine / But I’ll toast to you and me / And I’ll try to make it rhyme / I’ll learn your favorite song / Stand in the yard with my guitar / And sing outside your window all night long,” they wrote in the second verse to ‘Wanna Make You Love Me.’

“Jim probably made this song lighter than I would have if I had written it by myself,” says Pinson of penning the lyrics. “I think the combination of the melody and the lyric made this thing heavy enough to mean something, but light enough to be on radio. It was a song that got overlooked and overlooked, and was on hold all over town eight years ago. It was one of those songs that I just thought got away and I wondered why it never happened for somebody. Then out of nowhere, I heard, ‘Hey … have you heard your new single on Andy Gibson?’ Low and behold, he believed in it and radio believes in him. It’s been interesting to watch the life of this song. I think it was a naturally good fit of an artist and song.”

Pinson adds of ‘Wanna Make You Love Me,’ “I always say that a good song will find its home someday, good Lord willing.”

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