My wife is a stay at home mom not because we can afford it, but because what we have found is we can't afford it otherwise. She has wanted to go to work for awhile now but trying to find child care has just been too much for our pocket book.

We have 5 kids. 2 are of school age and the other 3 age down to 10 months.

Our discussions have found that if she were to go to work at this point that it would cost us more than if she stayed home with them. Besides, she wants to raise our kids and not have someone else do it.

The subject came up again this week because she got an offer. We talked, did some research and then we saw something interesting.

It was a report from the Wall Street Journal.

It shows the top states where child care actually can cost more than a college tuition.

Hint: Montana didn't do too well according to this story.

According to their graph it can cost as much as $7,922 a year for one 4 year old child to be in daycare in Montana. It goes on to say that a college tuition in the Treasure State will cost $6,323.

This really put a damper on my wife going to work. If child daycare actually costs more than college tuition then our kids won't be seeing a daycare anytime soon.

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