How would you react?  Let me set the scene. You're at the lake (in this case Cooney reservoir) having a great afternoon with friends. It's time to head home, it's late afternoon and you're thinking of spending the evening with the ones you love and having a nice dinner and in a blink of an eye, it happens. A deer runs out in front of you and you have just a few seconds to react. This might seem like the start to a story, but it's the way my son and his fiancee's day ended on Sunday.  As Triston and Kalee were coming home a deer came out of the ditch and across the road. They said that they saw the deer just before impact and all they could do was brace themselves. On the positive side (yes there is one) they are both fine, a few bumps and bruises and the airbags worked as they were supposed to.

Credit: Triston McCrummen

I give my son credit for not panicking and trying to swerve to miss the deer, as the results could have been much worse. This was a very scary thing for both of them and as a parent, I am so thankful that the accident wasn't worse. Now the fun part begins: dealing with insurance and replacing the car as it is pretty much totaled.  As they were telling me the story, I realized that after all of the years that I have been driving, I have never hit a deer or even come close. Have you ever hit a deer or other animal while driving?