I made a really quick trip to Denver over Thanksgiving weekend to see my nephew in the hospital.  Drove down on Thursday, came back on Saturday.  Breaking news: Wyoming still sucks. Sorry (not sorry). I know you have the Tetons and you can still smoke in some bars and you have drive thru liquor stores... but your state is still SO BORING. And windy. Holy buckets. The LED signs over the interstate informed me of high wind warnings and that 18 semi's had blown over in the past 7 days. No joke.  But, enough about the boredom of the Cowboy State... onto the good stuff in Colorado.

I lived in Denver for a couple of years around 2001. I was looking forward to seeing how it's changed since then and also looking forward to seeing the legal marijuana industry in business. If you watch/listen to the news you often hear about Colorado's marijuana shops and the millions (is it a billion yet?) in tax revenue they're making off legalization.  And when you hear the stats and watch the stories you kind of assume that it must be marijuana madness in the states capitol. Pot shops on every corner! Stoners toking up on the sidewalk! WEED EVERYWHERE! Right?

I noticed quite the contrary. The discussion actually came up with my sister-in-law while we were down there. We both noticed the lack of advertising for marijuana shops.  I didn't see a single billboard or sign for any weed shops.  I didn't hear a single ad on TV or hear about any on the radio. Maybe it's part of the state law, that they can't advertise? I'm not sure.  But even driving around one of the major side streets in south Denver I didn't see any shops.  We both had to google it to see where the retail stores were and there were only a couple within 5 miles of us.

I didn't have time to stop by any of the weed shops this trip. You know, for research.  But a visit to the Mile High City might make you think twice about how legalization will ruin your neighborhood or whatever. It sure didn't look ruined to me.  Next time.


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