Yesterday's "Pay Your Age" promotion at Build-a-Bear was a success..sort of.  It was too much of a success causing Black Friday sized lines out the door at Build-A-Bear locations around the world.

My daughter is 10 and is almost past the stuffed animal age, but she's very much into making things, so I'm pretty happy she didn't catch wind of this promotion.  If she had, I'm lucky that she hates lines more than she loves bears or arts and crafts.  For those parents (mostly moms) who actually waited in the long, slow moving line at Rimrock mall, I salute you.  I hope your newly made bear isn't already forgotten about stuck between the bed and the wall.

For those if you who found the line unbearable, you can get a $15 voucher by doing the following:

  • Log onto your Build-a-Bear Bonus Club account by midnight July 15. (click here to sign up if you're not a member)
  • Print or screenshot the voucher.
  • The voucher is good through Aug. 31, 2018.

Just to be clear, the voucher is for $15 off of the purchase price.  It doesn't mean you get a bear for $15 and it must be used in store.


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