I stopped to get some gas today and noticed something I had never seen before: Fuel Gloves. They are exactly what you'd think; disposable gloves to wear while you fuel your vehicle. Now, I'm a capitalist through and through, so I don't want to criticize someone's "big idea", but I can honestly say that I've never been pumping gas and thought, "Man...I wish I had some sort of protective barrier between me and this pump." Even on the occasions where I've gotten gas on my hands it never occurred to me that a glove would have prevented that tragedy.

I'm curious if there are those out there who are happy to see this product...and why? Is it because of germs or because you loathe the smell of gasoline and have been waiting for this salvation since you were 16? It seems strange to me that in a world which is condemning people for using straws, we are producing a brand new plastic, disposable product that is not nearly as useful as a straw.

I googled "Fuel Glove" and came up with this site. If you are a fuel glove advocate, these are your people (although I'm not sure if this is Holiday's supplier).

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