As Missoula is deciding whether or not to ban straws, I think we should look at the bigger issue:  It's weird to see a guy drink out of a straw.  

I did a quick survey around the office and apparently, I'm in the minority on this, but I was raised believing it was bad manners for a male to drink out of a straw.  This excludes things like to-go cups or milkshakes but mainly applies to dinner table etiquette.

I'm sure that with many people in this world trying to get rid of anything where the rule is based on gender, this is likely something that will no longer be a thing. I'm not sure if it ever was a thing in Montana.  Perhaps it's another "backwoods southern" custom I learned that doesn't apply in other places.

I suppose, even though our motivations are different, I'm suddenly on the same page as a group of people out to save some turtles.

Whether or not this is another one of the many things that society considers outmoded now or not, my question to you is:  Have you heard of this rule, or was it just a regional thing?

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